From Father Kombo Peshu

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have pioneered to initiate this Mughamba Project for the benefit of the Poor Children from my home village where I grew up in Kenya. As I serve in my ministry here in the USA, as a Priest, I still often recall back to my village childhood experiences. I grew up in a poor family. Sometimes we were not certain of our next meal. My parents were not educated but they made sure we attain some education. My parents therefore, worked hard in order to have us educated.

In my Village we depend on Subsistence farming. Given the situation, most of the parents find it difficult to come with school fee.

My Village is still very poor. Lack of education has contributed to poverty in my village. People experience shortage of food, no power, and no clean water among others. I went back home to my Village the summer of 2002. I was shocked with the deplorable conditions of the Children. The level of poverty seems to double. I could not hold my tears as I looked at the Children sing at mass dressed with tattered clothes. The parents can't afford descent clothes for their children. Children came asking me to help them. I told them to work hard in School, but some of them don't go to School because their parents cannot afford. The Children said these words to me... "When you go back to the United States, please tell your friends, the Americans to help us." This statement sunk into my heart. I believe with the help of well wishers we can make a difference to lives of these children.

The worst part of this scenario is with the spread of the killer disease, HIV/AIDS. Some of the Children have lost their parents through HIV/AIDS and they had no option rather than drop out from school. With situation, the children are subjected to child labor. I looked at these Children with a tremendous amount of compassion and I was determined and convinced that together with the People in the United States, we can make a change. It is through education, that we can change the lives of these young boys and girls in Mwanda Village and Kenya. Educating Mwanda Village is educating Kenya. It is through education that we would eradicate poverty and ignorance among these talented and brilliant Children of Mwanda. My dear brothers and Sisters, I am kindly asking for your assistance, in alleviating these problems. This is the call of our gospel. To lay down one's life for a friend, let us offer our sacrifice for these most vulnerable people in our society and give them a brighter future. We can do it.

Rev. Fr. Livingstone Kombo Peshu